Landscaping, Curb Appeal

8 Professional suggestions to improve your curb appeal.

Enhancing the curb appeal of your home shouldn’t only be considered when you want to sell your house. For most of us, a house is our most expensive commodity. Why not take care of it and enjoy it, while you live in it!

To create a show-stopping exterior appeal, don’t rely on the 2 or 3 paint colors alone, to make a difference. There is more to curb appeal!

Though fresh paint will be a huge improvement, you need to take it further and layer the colors around your home, especially in the front!

Remember, first impressions count!

1. Ensure that the grass really is greener!

· Invest in a lawn care company for at least a year if you are struggling to get your lawn green and healthy looking.

· Get rid of weeds and dead/brown spots.

· Keep the grass short and water as often as needed.

2. Flower Power

· Carefully plan the beds and the placement of the plants.

Choose a variety of flowers and shrubs that will complement each other. Don't plant small flowers that cannot even be seen from the street. Pansies are great in the winter, but it has to be planted in masses to make an impact, they are so short.

· Choose plants that will grow at different heights while maturing. Needless to say, the tall plants should be in the back or against a wall.

· Choose shrubs with different leaf sizes, colors, and textures.


3. Add landscaping elements

There are so many options to add interest to your front yard! Be creative and look online for inspiration.

· Add elements such as different height pots, garden art, or wood beams.

· Avoid small cheap garden art when you want to enhance your curb appeal in a professional way

· Tidy up the beds and create interest by having edges such as Corten steel for the more modern homes or have retaining walls built by using stone that will match the house.

· Add rocks or different colors of stone or gravel depending on your vision. Some beds are so big, adding a grouping of about 3 rocks in the beds, would eliminate the need to try and fill up the whole bed with plants.

· Add a fountain or a bird feeder if the space allows for it and if you are willing to maintain it

· I am a huge fan of black Texas mulch. It creates fabulous contrast against the green grass and almost any kind of stone on your house. There are different colors of mulch available, so when you mulch your beds, be intentional about which color you choose.

Landscape elements

4. Front door - the gateway to your home

· Add a punch of fresh color for your front door or update the stain coat as needed.

· Consider replacing the hardware if the current handles look corroded.

· Wash the glass if applicable. And don't forget to wash the windows around your house as well.

Curb appeal - front door attraction

5. The front porch

· Nothing screams less inviting than an ugly worn-out, door mat. Replace it! It is a quick and easy fix.

· Consider having a nice front porch tile installed. Non-slippery and matte. It makes such a difference when the dull concrete is covered!

· If you have a wooden front porch, have it sanded and re-stained if needed.

· House numbers are often close to the front door. Replace or update as needed and make sure it is visible from the street. I usually coordinate the colors of the numbers with the hardware on the door and the light fixtures

· If the space allows it, add a bench with some colorful pillows, a pot plant with colorful flowers, or something like an asparagus fern that has a bright green color to it.

6. Exterior Lighting

Besides being a great safety addition, outdoor lighting adds so much ambiance to the house at night!

· Dusk to dawn light bulbs operate with a light sensor

· Or you can get long-lasting LED bulbs, which are energy efficient

· Make sure the walkways are well-lit but avoid the landing strip look.

· Install some up-lights in your beds, creating that magical effect when it accentuates your trees at night!

Exterior lighting, landscaping

7. Garage Doors

· Do not neglect your garage doors. Replace or repaint as needed.

· Have the doors power washed after the dull and dry winter.

· While you are at it, power wash the driveway as well.

8. Exterior Painting

· And finally, repainting all the exterior surfaces of the house is always a great option to totally update and refresh the exterior of your house.

While this can be costly, it can make all the difference if the home is overdue for a fresh paint coat.

· Pay attention to the COLOR PLACEMENT. This is what I help my clients with when I do an Exterior Color Consultation. Siding, stucco, trim, soffits, fascia, gutters, downspout, and so forth. Details count!


Don't wait too long! The summer will be upon us before we know it! Call me now so we can get your colors RIGHT from the start!

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