Exterior After - 2 colors only

A Major Exterior Transformation With Two Paint Colors Only!

Ashley Stucki has been named one of Austin’s top Realtors for 5 years in a row! Besides being beautiful, she is super focused on detail. Her market expertise, fresh ideas, and tireless work ethic have made Ashley a trusted resource to buyers and sellers seeking an agent who prioritizes their needs at every step of the way.

So when Ashley contacted me again for a Color Consultation on one of her million-dollar-plus properties, I was nervously excited. This time it was for an Exterior on a $1.9 million property.

Look, if there is one thing that keeps me humble, it is COLOR! Especially Paint Colors. I know my undertones, I know what to watch out for, most of the time I can predict the outcome of a certain color in a certain light, but still. I am in no way perfect or a know-it-all!

When I pulled up to the house, it was easy to understand the concern. It is a gorgeous house, but seriously needed a fresh make-over!

The basic color of the body of the house was dull. Dated. Uninspiring. The green trim around the doors and windows surprised me. When was that the trend again?

The corbels were….. wait what! Which corbels?


Here is a closer look at the front doors. I love the Travertine columns, the detailed trim and the large travertine tiles created a beautiful frame to the front entrance of the house, It was clean and timeless. But the door and window trim had to change. Same with the light fixtures!

Front Door calera.jpg

Besides just giving them a paint color for the walls, I made a few other suggestions. As an Architectural Color Consultant, I don’t focus on wall colors only! And Color Placement is crucial! Especially since I gave them only 2 colors! Yes, only 2! Brown and cream. And nooooo gray’s. Gray would not have been a good choice with this architectural style.

The light fixtures had to be removed and spray painted. No need to buy new ones. This project was going to be expensive enough as it is! I also suggested sanding and staining the garage doors as well as the front door, in order to eliminate the orange color.

See picture below. The color of those light fixtures just doesn’t do anything for this house, right!

Doors before

It took about 4 days for the crew to complete the project and fortunately for us, the weather was great! I was super impressed with the paint crew!

Here is a close-up again of the corbels and the balcony rails. Yip, you missed those on the first picture, I know!

Exterior closer look

And here is the house once all the surfaces have been repainted. See the beautiful corbels now? It’s all in the details!

The front door is a deep dark brown, the green trim around the doors are gone and even the gutters were painted.

I loved the way it turned out! Beautiful and fresh! Here are the before and after images again! What do you think?

Calera DriveExterior front.jpg

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