A Sneak Preview: The Beauty Of Fresh Paint Colors And Professional Drapes!

A Sneak Preview: The Beauty Of Fresh Paint Colors And Professional Drapes!

I was SUPER EXCITED when I got started on this house! It is a single story, which is fairly uncommon in the typical Austin neighborhood and this house has been built in the 70’s! So lots and lots of wood paneling, slate tiles and dark rooms. It needed light and fresh paint colors desperately! The owners of the house agreed to have the wood panels painted. Yes, I was nervous! More for them as for me, because it would be a LOT OF WHITE to look at,after being surrounded with orange-brown dated wood look for years and years!

We are almost done, but as you may very well know,remodeling takes time! Not everything always works out as it should. And after remodeling, the decorating process starts! Have you been in the situation where you thought it would be quick to find a beautiful piece of artwork to hang or find that perfect accessory for the coffee table and then you just can’t seem to find what you want! Uugghh! And I can be sooo picky! Anyway, I wanted to share just a little bit with you today. I just cannot keep it to myself! I do mostly ReDESIGNS,meaning, I usually work with what a client already has and I am always respectful of their budgets, but on certain things I am just not as flexible! Good quality fabric and professionally made drapes are just not negotiable.If you want The Designer Look, you have to be prepared to spend a little more in certain areas. Knowing my client and knowing that her style is more traditional and very colorful, we chose this fabric for the drapes. Her dining room rug had similar colors in it.

Main Accent Color

As I said, this is just a sneak peak Not a professional photo. Yet…!

Changes in Progress

This is what it looked like before!


Did you notice that we changed out the light bulb covers to clear ones? It was quite the challenge to find ones that would fit, since they really didn’t want to change the chandelier. The older ones darkened the room even more and had a orangey glow to it. I changed out the light bulbs as well. You can find some tips on the color of light bulbs here. We also added a dimmer to the light switch, so that the bulbs would not be overly bright and in your face. Everything looks much more updated, while still staying true to their style! I still need to find a pretty runner for the table, but I’m thinking I should just have one custom made with a complimentary fabric such as this one. And then the blue bowl on the dining room table might have to be replaced right? What do you think?

Complimentary Accent Fabric

So far I’m ecstatic about the changes. Don’t ever under estimate the power of the correct paint colors and beautiful fabrics!! Your local Certified Color Consultant would most definitely be able to help you with this daunting task! It is such an easy fix! The paint color looks a little yellow in this picture, but it is just a beautiful, fresh,warm, creamy color.

Close-up of Single Panel with 2 pinch pleats

There are much more to come, I’ll keep you posted! Let me know what you think of this sneak preview

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