NCS Color Trend Forecasting for 2022


The color suggestions are made as accurate as possible, although not a 100% match, due to each company's unique and proprietary formulas.

This is meant to guide you if you are interested in recreating any of the described color palettes

Keep in mind that Color Trend Forecasts are always done 2 years ahead of time. The 4 color palettes below are as described by National Color Systems

The 2022 Color Trend Forecast was done during the Pandemic in 2020, which had a major psychological effect on all of us and ultimately influenced our choices all over the world!

NCS - Natural Colour System®© property of and used on licence from NCS Colour AB, Stockholm 2021. References to NCS®© in this publication are used with permission from the NCS Colour AB

Zience Color Palette


The colors in the following palette are calm and earthy. The pandemic and political instability made us feel uncertain, vulnerable. We wanted the truth. No more fake news. And the world insisted on SCIENCE to explain to us what is happening!

Familiar shades of gold, green, reds. Historical colors. Pigments and textures that we are comfortable with and that we understand. We craved a state of ZEN. Zen brings us to our senses, and science confirms our true reality

Zen and Science...Zience The emphasis of this color palette is on our wish to recycle and purchase sustainable products

Zience color palette
Zience color palette
Spring Rebels.jpg

Spring Rebels

This is my favorite color palette! I could easily use all of these colors in my office! Zest, spunk, and energy! It means " Freedom to live again!"

After a long period of fake truths, isolation, and legitimate fears, we were finally ready to open our doors to new freedom, embrace physical connections, hugs, visit with friends and family! We celebrate the relief from restrictions, we breathed again! The Spring Rebel color palette is about the explosion of chromatic colors! It is a new beginning after a cold and dark winter.

Abundance! Happiness! Joy!

Spring Rebels!

Spring Rebels

Photo used with permission from Rug design by

Spring Rebels Curb Appeal


At the same time, we all connected with nature again. We took long walks in the parks. We were forced to go outside, spend quality time in nature, feel less isolated and distanced.

We started understanding even more that nature is a living being and we felt ONE with nature.

The colors of this color palette are not strong, they are the paler colors of nature. They also remind us of retro colors. Again, something we found familiar during the crisis the whole world was in.

These colors are calm and neutral, with similarities in blackness and chromaticness. It is meant to make us feel more relaxed now that the euphoria of not being socially distanced is over.

We are at the beginning of a new world.

Retro colors
One with Nature
ZERO Color Palette


The fourth color palette is described as a powerful strong movement.

A neutral canvas now that the worst is over. We reset our minds and start over again, this time in a more conscious way for our planet

Black and White. We begin from ZERO

Blue has always been described as a trustworthy color. We are still desperate to hold onto something that is familiar, but at the same time, we are aware that technology became even more part of our lives during the pandemic. Schools closed down, many homes were transformed into virtual meeting rooms, classrooms, socially interacting from a distance

Words like Metaverse, Nanotechnology, Futuristic, Artificial Intelligence will become even more prominent.

It is here to stay....