Should Your Wardrobe Colors Define The Choice Of Your Paint Colors?

Should Your Wardrobe Colors Define The Choice Of Your Paint Colors?

We have this routine in the morning. I usually wake up first, take my dogs out to do their business, while the coffee is brewing. My husband is up by the time I get back in the house. We talk about the day, what our goals and plans are, we watch the news and scan through our tablets to catch up with "other people’s lives". Meaning Facebook (our families are in a different time zone) and I go through my emails. This morning I clicked on a link that directed me to an article in Houzz. For those of you who are not familiar with….it can be inspirational, overwhelming and addicting! But you really shouldn’t believe every single thing that you see or read in there. This specific article was talking about how you should choose PAINT COLORS for your home. Here is what the designer said: "I tell clients, No. 1, to look in their closet and see what colors they wear often. Obviously, what better way to look great in the interior than if you paint what you look great in?" If you wear it, that means you love it! Right? Sure enough. But do you really want to choose your wall colors according to the color of your clothes? What if you favor bright or saturated colors most of the time? I actually do have a friend that loves wearing lovely, bright colors, especially when she’s happy! But would you want to be surrounded by it constantly? Think in terms of relaxation, spa-feeling, serenity…

And what if you love wearing browns, khaki, olive green or navy, but want to update your space to a fresh Parisian Gray look? What if you have not been able to update your closet completely ( we all have busy lives! ) and you are still stuck with a few of your GrandMa’s beautiful vintage clothing with not-so-trendy colors?

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Now I’m not saying it is totally wrong , I’m just saying that you should be very careful when considering looking at your wardrobe as the No. 1 color inspiration!

I recently took a course from Arden Reece and it was quite surprising to see how my personal color palette developed. I highly suggest you subscribe to her newsletter if you need help figuring out what colors are best for you! Here, find out what your Color Type is, while you’re at it! I, for instance like wearing black and white, especially when I work, but it really doesn’t do much for me, unless I add a lot of bling or a colorful scarf. I also don’t look good in Red, but Tangerine is a color that goes well with my complexion and compliments the color of my eyes. In case you don’t know what Tangerine looks like, here is a picture of a blouse and jersey that I often wear together.

Now can you imagine painting a saturated color like this on all four walls?? Talk about eye fatigue! Honestly, by looking at these colors in my closet, I wouldn’t even know which one is the most dominant, let alone paint any of these colors on my walls. I like all of it! But I’d rather apply it in terms of accessories, such as pillows and artwork! Now that would make me happy

So as I said before, it’s not totally wrong to refer to your wardrobe for some color choices. You could easily find great color inspiration by choosing something specific, like your favorite scarf. But my advice would be to focus on accessories and art work when planning your color design, as opposed to painting strong colors on your walls. With that being said, of course there will be times that you want to make those walls pop. Color Blocking is a great example where strong colors could be quite effective!

Translate the colors above into decorating a room and this is what you could end up with! Now tell me this isn’t spot on!

Photo by Tobi Fairley Interior DesignLook for transitional living room design inspiration

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you agree with me? Have you ever used your wardrobe colors to inspire your wall colors? I would love to know how that worked out for you!