Should Your Wardrobe Colors Define The Choice Of Your Paint Colors?

Should Your Wardrobe Colors Define The Choice Of Your Paint Colors?

If you are familiar with, you know it can be inspirational, overwhelming and addicting! It actually grew into one of those beasts, because once you start going through some pictures, next thing you know, you are bombarded with arrows pointing you to specific items to purchase and before you know it, you are going down another rabbit hole we have to face in the mighty tech world where everyone wants your money!

However, I happened to stumble upon a post one designer wrote and my advice to you, you really shouldn’t take everything to heart what you read. You need to give it some thought first.

This specific article was talking about how you should choose PAINT COLORS for your home and the # 1 piece of advice was to look at the colors in your closet and focus on those colors to determine your color palette


“I tell clients, No. 1, to look in their closet and see what colors they wear often,”

If you wear it, that means you love it! Right? So why not paint it on your walls and surround yourself with it!

Now I’m not saying it is totally wrong, I’m just saying that not all of it is 100% correct.

What if you love wearing a fabulous bright, sexy and energetic red! I have a friend who wears bright yellow, deep green, hot pink, strong vivid colors, but when I asked her, she admitted that she doesn't want to be surrounded by those colors continuosly

Saturated reds

I recently took a course with Arden Reece and she really explains very well what colors you should be wearing for your type of personality. I highly suggest you subscribe to her newsletter if you need help figuring out what colors are best for you!

The red in the picture above is really intense. Keep in mind, the advice was regarding PAINT colors, not decorating with accent colors. Colors like these are more effective when used as accent pieces such as pillows, accessories and artwork

A grouping of strong saturated colors could be used very successfully in a Color Design project such as Color Blocking though. I also do specify strong colors as an accent wall and love to have it painted on a ceiling to create a dramatic effect!

Color  block.png

I started observing adult people on the street and most people were dressed in variations of gray, beige, some whites and khaki. I also saw a lot of black, taupe, green, blue, mostly muted colors. I felt like I wanted to introduce them all to Iris Apfel, 😊Hardly any bright colors such as yellows or oranges were noted, unless it was in a print. And I am talking about adults, not kid’s clothing. I guess the #1 rule would then be relevant

Needless to say, the neutral color palette below, inspired by her clothes, have a warm, snazzy, and comfortable feeling to it, very pleasing to the eye.

Be intentional when you plan your color palette. Keep the 60-30-10 rule in mind. Consult with your color professional regarding color choices and color replacement before you start painting your " favorite clothing colors" without seeing the bigger picture.

It will save you on time, money and maybe even a little embarrassment at the end of the day

Neutral Colors