Wallpaper transformation

Wallpaper! Have no Fear!

If you haven’t noticed it yet, wallpaper has proven one of the most coveted trends over the past few years. And no, we are not referring to your grandmother’s wallpaper from the 70’s!

Funny that everyone has the same reaction when I refer to wallpaper. Always a warm, fuzzy story about “the good ole days” in grandma's welcoming aromatic kitchen, but with a little apprehension.

Wallpaper has a way of pulling the room together, easily making it the focal point of the room. Whether you want to add wallpaper to your room to make a statement or to add texture to your space, it’ll certainly become your most talked about space in your home!

Where a room is devoid of any real architectural interest, even after painting and furnishing, you just sometimes get that feeling that something is still missing.

I am a firm believer that if you really want a designer’s look in your home, you need to consider professional window treatments and after being involved in this wallpaper project, I tend to lean towards suggesting adding wallpaper to a room that just doesn’t come to life, despite having the right size and color of artwork or painting it a totally different color.

Adding texture and dimension to walls has never been easier. There are so many options to choose from and the possibilities are endless! Strong dynamic, bold patterns to create a dramatic effect. Smooth soft-looking feminine patterns to soothe the soul. Geometrics to create an instant updated modern look. Different fabrics, grasscloth, cork, metallics, in addition to conventional paper and vinyl.

When Donn and Maxx told me they are considering having wallpaper installed in their bedroom, they just have no idea where to start, I knew exactly what I was looking for. Well....sort of... :-)

Having never done a project with wallpaper before, I felt a teeny weeny insecure, but I was not going to let this opportunity slip out of my hands!

Their power words were: "Sophisticated, masculine, dramatic flair, but it shouldn't feel cold"

And since I am a Professional Color Consultant, I know how to pull a room together using COLOR!

The problem was, they both favored the geometric black and silver wallpaper, but the furniture was brown. In reality, the answer was quite clear. If you wanted modern and updated, we had to make some changes. A lot of changes!

We had serious fun with this project! What started off as "just adding wallpaper" ended into "Fabulously dramatic!" Maxx chose the accent color. A rich Fuschia combined with all the black and silver gave the room almost a regal feel.

This is what we started with

Master Bedroom before

Room from a different angle before we started

Master bedroom before 2

The bed linen, as well as the drapes, were all custom made by Draped, Robin Bond and by layering the textured fabrics, pillows and adding luxurious drapes, this room was completely transformed from dull and blah! to WOW!

The process of changing out the furniture, (during COVID delivery times!) waiting for the bed linen and draperies to be made, took a while, but it was so worth it!


Here is the before and after!

Wallpaper and an intense paint color gave this room a totally different personality!

Before After Covered bridge bedroom.jpg
The final result!

The walls were painted with a deep complex full-spectrum color, Plum Martini, which looks black at first glance, but once the lights are on at night, it has a deep velvety plum glow to it.

And who knew that the flooring would also be changed eventually! It was not part of the original plan, but I am so happy we did. Now it was much easier to pull the whole look together with the perfect rug and finding FABULOUS ART , all the way from Mexico, with all the right colors and complexity, to complete the look of this room!

Different elements in room
Geometric wallpaper
  • Plum Martini paint color
Custom made draperies
Wallpaper and painted ceiling

Have FUN with it!

There are so many spectacular designs and textures. And after all, it is just paper! If you want to change it out in a year or two, it is easier than to rip out tiles!

Basic wall paper categories

Vinyl based wallpaper

It’s easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to clean.

Vinyl Coated Paper

Offers durability and wash-ability

The vinyl coating is a great option for high humidity areas such as in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Solid Sheet Vinyl

Often embossed

Most durable option because of its thickness, easy cleaning, and easy removal.

Vinyl Coated Fabric

Fabric wallpaper has a natural feel and texture.

The vinyl coating gives it a good degree of protection and durability.


Woven, highly textured wallpaper made from purely natural components.

Stains should be spot treated and dirt should be vacuumed

Has visible lines when installed

Easy-Walls Wallpaper

Completely PVC and VOC free, and the ink is water-based.

Easy to clean

Breathable. This type of wallpaper usually comes with a pre-applied adhesive for easy application and removal

Metallic wallpapers

Mimics aluminum and other shiny metals. Smooth version of the Anaglypta and embossed papers.

It is possible to paint over these papers


The oldest form of textured wallpaper. Also known as embossed wallpaper

Creates interesting textural effects.

Typically sold as white paper so that you can paint your desired effects according to your design and color scheme

Commercial-grade paper

Heavy-duty paper with sound-absorbing properties