What The Heck Is OMBRE??

This is the question I received a while ago from a friend of mine.

Ombre simply means having colors or tones that shade into each other from dark to light. I bet you are familiar with the "Ombre look" without even realizing it!

Think about a beautiful sunset you’ve witnessed at your favorite vacation spot! See! Ombre!

Catching " The big one!" against an Ombre sky

What The Heck Is OMBRE??

The Ombre technique can be applied to many surfaces. It’s not only to decorate walls or using it in a painting. Since I don’t have long and luscious hair, I’m not really up to date with long hair colors, but here’s a very good example of how it looks on hair. Fabulous!

Photo supplied by Shaune Haas – Salon Bang


As some of you might have experienced, the winter of 2013/2014 has really been harsh so far (I am soooo not familiar with a Polar Vortex and I really couldn’t care for it!) Not being a winter person AT ALL, this gloomy, drab look we have experienced about 80% of the winter season so far here in Austin TX, drove me totally insane!

So I decided to redo my office and make it colorful, bright and lively and in the process of looking for colorful items, I found this cool keyboard on Etsy. I absolutely loved it! And what a surprise! It’s an Ombre keyboard done in Turquoise! I found some purple, pink and grey ones on Pinterest as well.

Photo used with permission from advertiser on Etsy


When using the Ombre Technique in Interior Decorating, beautiful serene looking rooms could be created as you can see in the picture below. Did you know that Radiant Orchid was named as Pantone’s Color of The Year? So if you’re dying to paint a room purple, but you’re a little nervous since it’s been so long since we’ve seen Purple as a trendy color, why not consider having it done the Ombre style. The look will most definitely turn out to be soothing and relaxed, no matter what color you use.

I found this post on Ombre as well, but they used Spray Paint instead of regular paint and the results are beautiful! http://wildinkpress.com/blog/2012/05/16/an-ombre-booth/

How to Implement the Ombré Property Painting Technique: http://www.decoradvisor.net/interior-design-2/how-to-implement-the-ombre-property-painting-technique/

If you don’t have the guts (or the energy) to paint a whole room in Ombre, why not create your own art piece? Very effective and relatively simple to do, I’d say!

My friend Christi Duffel Seguin, owner of Cakes Rock! is the best Cake Artist here in Austin and this is her version of an Ombre cake!


So now you too know what Ombre means!

I’d love for you to share your pics of any Ombre articles in your home. You’ll be surprised by what you might find once you start looking for it.

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