Blues, Turquoise and Green

Blues, Turquoise, & Green Wall Art | Max Ruthven Color & Design

At Max Ruthven Color & Design, our professional color consultants rely heavily on their experience as a home designer as well as color psychology when helping clients choose the perfect accent pieces. Wall art is no different than choosing the right paint colors. You must use specific coordination and combinations to get the perfect balance in your home’s interior design. Blues, turquoise, and green are very popular color combinations for a wide variety of reasons. Using color psychology, blue is a spiritual color that represents calmness and peace. Green, on the other hand, represents nature as well as new growth and opportunities. Turquoise is a blend of blue and green highlighting the best properties of both and promoting sophisticated energy, wholeness, creativity, and serenity. When selecting the perfect wall art for your office décor for living room space, it is important to keep color psychology in mind for creating the right mood for your space. Work with a home designer or shop Max Ruthven Color & Design hand-selected wall art below for inspiration!