Max has a true gift.


After spinning my wheels for months trying to decide what color to paint the exteriors of my residence and a rental property, I googled around and found Max Ruthven/Let's Talk Color. We scheduled an appointment at each property, and after listening to my likes, dislikes and concerns regarding colors and color trends, Max was able to quickly make amazing color selections for each property. She followed up by email within a day or two with a detailed color plan, including photographs of the property with instructions for the painter regarding what color goes where. And a day or two after that I received 8 1/2 x 11 inch color swatches of each color selected, which are SO much more helpful than the tiny paint chips you get at Home Depot or Lowe's. She even selected excellent colors for the front door of each house. I am so excited to hire a painter and see the vision become a reality! Selecting color seems to require equal parts art, design, and science and Max has a true gift for it, supported by education and experience. She was professional, prompt, knowledgable and personable. A color consultation with Max is worth every penny.