Why Choose Max Ruthven for Color Consultation?


Choosing something as simple as paint colors can create immense stress — and without proper training in how to look at color or anticipate the outcome — it can also waste your time and money. If you’ve never worked with a professional color consultant before, you won’t believe the impact one can have on your project. On top of helping you achieve optimal results, working with an expert can save you time, money, and headaches, so you can enjoy the excitement of bringing your space to life. Below are some of many reasons you should choose Max Ruthven for color consultation.

Why Choose Max Ruthven for Color Consultation?


Max Ruthven is Qualified

Max Ruthven holds many certifications from the authorities in architectural color design. Max has strong communication skills to help you understand your options and the psychology behind those choices when it comes to color selection for your project or room.


Max Ruthven Knows the Power of Color

Whether you are choosing the exterior and interior colors for a new home, or updating the look and feel of an existing space, the color-decisions you make can determine the success of your project. Color is one of the strongest design tools available, and using it well can help you create a home that reflects your personality, celebrates its setting, evokes desired emotions in guests… all while being economical.


Max Ruthven is Strategic

Max Ruthven is a strategic thinker who relies on evidence-based Color Psychology principles. Color has the power to influence how we feel and behave—and our color choices can either give us a competitive edge, or undermine everything else we’re trying to achieve. Color is not only an important design tool — it should also be used strategically in every aspect of your business and home.


Max Ruthven is Passionate

If you’ve ever met Max, you know that she is passionate about color. She believes that everyone can benefit from Color Psychology education. Whether you’re looking for guidance with your home or business, or want to learn how color influences our decisions — Max Ruthven is here to help!

In summary, Max Ruthven will work with you to understand why you want to change your space, and then provide you with the Color Solutions that will best help you achieve those goals. Get Started Today!